Are you able to Approach 4 Girls a day for a month? | women Chase

Whenever you can carry out 4 techniques per day for thirty day period directly, you can easily create some wonderful impetus – and get some fantastic brand new ladies into your existence.

Various evenings before, a pal of my own had a female the guy describes as quite stunning, with who he’s built a good connection during the last couple of weeks and also for whom he’s really begun to drop, arrive up to his residence. She arrived in a good red-colored outfit, with a plunging neckline, demonstrating the woman big tits (the greatest of every woman he is already been with, he says… and then he’s been with about 70 ladies; he’s not inexperienced), along with her tight figure (she really does plenty of working and cycling).

This friend, a Christian, that has been attempting not to have gender before matrimony, and tells ladies this, had this fetching red dress woman he is been seeing for several months sit-down close to him on their settee. She next turned and point-blank (it seems that having had an adequate amount of chastity) asked him, “Want to screw me?”

My pal truly doesn’t prefer to break their spiritual principles… in which he additionally worries that any time he sleeps with a woman the guy doesn’t marry, he does some injury to this lady. But anyhow — he’s also no saint.

So the guy gulped, looked at this comely lady, and shared with her “Um… yes.”

Then gave the woman three rounds before they parted means. (and from now on he feels both good, because he likes this lady, and in addition had gotten set, and terrible, because he violated his principles!)

The next day he sought out, did some more techniques, and met another girl the guy straight away liked.

He additionally had a few more dates arranged throughout the week together with other women he would contacted, whom the guy liked.

But another girl from their last whom he would also very a lot liked but who would ghosted him sometime ago out of the blue messaged him.

This pal’s a fairly seasoned time gamer, but he would experienced a rut. He’dn’t already been drawing near to a lot, and several of their strategies of late had not exercised.

Women flaked on the dates with him; if the guy brought them home they’d fight their escalation and elope; and he ended up being generally not performing also hot.

He is a middle-aged guy (mid-40s) and it isn’t interested in casual intercourse any longer. He only wishes a wife — one young adequate to

begin a household with


We had been talking, and I also mentioned easily had a month with him in which I could get him to complete

positively every thing

We instructed him accomplish, I was self-confident i really could get a hold of him a spouse he’d be very happy with by the end of these a month.

He asked what my personal program would be. I listed away 10 things.

Several of those we can easilyn’t realistically do at the moment, because they’d need my productive in-person contribution (I would sit in on his times plus on their escalations at his the home of see where he’s going wrong; I would go around with him and push the purchasing temperature on females he was fulfilling to stimulate them to sleep with him; carry out approaches my self and pawn the ladies off onto him; etc.).

But there clearly was one object to my record he could quickly carry out by himself:

Four (4) techniques a day.

Daily. For a month.

So when he noticed that in my record, he decided to give it a try by himself.

And simply like that, he had been straight back in it.